Music and Audio Architect

For years people have asked me what do I do? My choices came down to listing all the different things I have done professionally, received awards for, and been paid to do.

Here is a partial listing: Music Tracking/Recording Engineer, Mixing Audio Engineer, Record Producer, Arranger, Dialog Recordist and Audio Editor, Sound Designer for Film and TV, Mastering Engineering, Recording Studio Configuration and Setup, Pianist, Keyboardist and Programmer, Front of House Mix Engineer for live performance, College Music Educator and Teacher, Audio Computer System Design and Configuration, and now I’m moving into the area of live streaming of performances.

So…with that being said, I felt the need to find a descriptor that would include everything in one phrase. An architect does the design and engineering for structures and must be versed in a wide swath of technical arenas while being creative and demonstrating a great sense of aesthetics. It was evident to me that the same description would apply to music and sound. There are technical aspects such as music theory and arranging, the scientific areas of the physics of audio, the understanding of computer science, and all the while having to create something that is sonically pleasing and unique. Something people want to listen to or work on and with.

I still have to describe what it means to people, but they get it!!! If you have a project or need any of the areas I listed and want someone that looks at solutions from a wide perspective and point of view, then we need to chat. You might want to work together on a project or have me mix or master your music. Perhaps you want to be able to do most of it yourself and need training and guidance. NO matter, I can help you!

Listen to some arrangements and productions performed completely by Dom Camardella.