Writings and Podcasts

There have been times in the middle of the night where I get awokened by a voice that requires I get up and write down what it’s telling me. I have not been gifted with the talent for writing lyrics, but I have a reflected personality and look within for a place to view the world.

At times, its expresses itself as poetry, and other times prose. Sometimes it’s a rambling stream of consciousness. What I do know, I look at the human condition and especially that of a creative individual in this world and society and have to comment on it.

As time goes by, here will be in residence a set of writings along with a growing set of podcasts (Music and Sound 2020) where I will explore the infinite, and the world within and without.

Some are stories or writings on my philosophy on composing and performing. Other’s come from my years of teaching. Once a teacher, forever a teacher. So, if there are lesson’s I’ve learned that might just help someone else navigate the slippery slope of being a musician, a creative, a collaborator, or just a plain good human being, you might find some of that in the podcasts.

So, please give the podcasts a listen and while you are at it check out the writings as well.


Music! (Dom's journey)

Essence and Intention

(Dom's commentary on composing and being creative)


Episode 1 Being self taught is a skill that is a 'good thing' to master

Episode 2

An open letter from Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter to the next generation of artists

Episode 3

Dom's commentary and discussion on Herbie and Wayne's open letter

Episode 4

Are you part of the Solution or the Problem?   Let’s discuss... ‘June-teenth, Black Lives Matter, and the negative effects of systematic injustice, token-ism and widespread white privilege’